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RSIR’S “HOME OF THE DAY” VOTING FEATURE ON THE PSBJ IS NOW LIVE! RSIR announced Monday its collaboration with The Puget Sound Business Journal in the launch of an interactive voting tool on their exclusive “Home of the Day” platform. The media partnership had previously introduced “Home of the Day” on PSBJ’s multi-media website and as part of the popular afternoon newsletter that reaches nearly 20,000 subscribers. Now users are able to activate a dynamic voting component where they can register their preferences for the “Home of the Week”, which will be further promoted online and in print within the weekly newspaper.

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OBAMA’S “BOOSTER SHOT” OF INVESTMENT FROM CHINA Seattle’s economic trade winds are looking better for Asian markets as Chinese investors and visitors prepare to take advantage of Obama’s new visa extension program announced last week in Beijing at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum. The agreement allows multiple entry short-term tourist and business visas to extend from just one year to ten years.


CHINESE INQUIRIES ON U.S. HOMES JUMP 35% SINCE VISA EXTENSION Chinese inquiries about real estate investment in the United States surged 35% this week after the two countries agreed to extend the terms of short-term visas. 85% of wealthy Chinese want to educate their children overseas. Those considering investing in the U.S. are very encouraged by the new visa arrangements, as it removes one of their biggest headaches.


TEARDOWNS TRANSFORMING BELLEVUE NEIGHBORHOODS Builders and city officials in Bellevue say the trend of tearing down modest, midcentury houses and replacing them with larger, more expensive ones has accelerated over the past two years, as the economy has rebounded and increasingly affluent professionals seek neighborhoods close to city centers with good schools and shorter commutes.


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